KFP virtually stages a non-available vehicle of desire as if by magic!

What do you do if the vehicle you want to present is not available for the Corporate Convention of Europe’s largest automotive distributor?

Well, that’s precisely the challenge the teams of KFP and its sister agency, Change Communication, faced during the run-up to this year’s Porsche Holding’s Konzerntag titled “Future.Mobility.Solutions”. The reason being that the Geneva Motor Show – taking place simultaneously – made a real presentation of the new VW I.D. Buzz prototype impossible.

But it had to be exactly this innovative electric vehicle – the successor to the legendary Volkswagen “Bulli”. So, alternatives to a real presentation had to be found. Especially, because KFP’s credo – If you can imagine it, we can realize it – is not without reason. Consequently, Change’s professional minds for communication together with KFP’s event specialists thought up a unique solution: “Why don’t we have the bus drive into the hall virtually?”


The Porsche Holding Salzburg executives were amazed when the virtual vehicle drove through the aisle at their Corporate Convention.

The virtual I.D. buzz drives through the aisle between the executives at Porsche Holding’s Konzerntag.


To realize this creative idea, KFP and Change deployed state-of-the-art technology. This included, for example, a 15 × 5 meter LED wall, which showed real-time images combined with pre-produced virtual content during the live artistic performance. Reality and simulation merged when the animated I.D. Buzz interacted with the Dundu puppets operated by professional puppeteers, to create a real “wow” effect in the audience.


That is how the Dundus said "Hello" to the virtual vehicle at the Porsche Holding Salzburg Corporate Convention.

Dundus, operated by professional puppeteers, welcome the virtual vehicle to the Porsche Holding Salzburg Corporate Convention.


Executives attending the Konzerntag expressed their enthusiasm likewise:

“Throughout the preparatory phase we experienced an atmosphere of genuine partnership and, at the end of the day, we succeeded to accomplish a great event”, said Leo Fellinger, Chief Creative Officer of the Corporation, praising the good cooperation with KFP and Change. “Our executives were as enthusiastic as our Management Board and members of the Supervisory Board.”

The perfect day at the Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Center was additionally enhanced by numerous other full-service solutions provided by the KFP Group: Content development, production and beautification of more than twenty presentations, a live artistic performance in combination with a virtual vehicle, a gala dinner for the 1,100 executives as well as a journey through Porsche Holding’s business fields – all were in good hands with the communication and event experts in charge.


The Porsche Holding Salzburg had invited 1,100 executives to their 2018 Corporate Convention at the Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Center.

1,100 executives gathered together in the Salzburg Exhibition and Congress Center for the Porsche Holding Corporate Convention 2018.