With more than 81,000 visitors and 1,300 exhibitors, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the world’s largest AV trade fair in Amsterdam, once again set a new visitor and exhibitor record. This year again, all major brands from the AV segment were represented and showcased the latest displays, projectors and digital signage solutions.

With the sheer amount of incredibly imaginative and interesting products at the ISE show, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all things. Where are the products going? What trends are discernible? We have investigated this question and present our personal four key trends of this year’s ISE:

Design – Design – Design

Not only in the field of consumer electronics, but also in professional applications, the design of AV media products is becoming increasingly important. In the context of events, the “technology is only a means to an end” to bring the relevant contents of an event to the fore and to stage them effectively, but of course it is indispensable in use. This is why it is more and more important, that AV products that have to be used, don’t have to be “hide” visually. The trend is clearly towards high-quality designs that are “contemporary”, “elegant” and “aesthetic”. For example, some new AV products are not only convincing because of their technical performance, but also because of their elegant design, attractive color selection and an overall attractive appearance that effectively supports the transported content.

The rollable OLED TV R from LG convinces with its simple design and inspires with its filigree roll-up mechanism.

Products become more multifunctional and overall solutions will be more intelligent

Customers want products that “think along”, that cover more than one function and are best served in the same way as they are used to from their own devices: intuitively and self-explanatory.

The first media servers, for example, enable direct control of the projectors and thus independently adjust the devices.

With Microflex Complete Wireless from Shure, for example, every room becomes a meeting room. Wireless technology that is simple and stable.

Team collaboration and interaction is becoming easier and easier

Collaboration is on everyone’s lips, but unfortunately the technical hurdles and the associated costs are still very high. Whether it is interactive whiteboards and flipcharts, simple telephone and video conferencing systems (even in 4K), conference microphones and wireless conferencing systems – the first affordable and user-friendly products are increasingly coming onto the market.

Regardless of the end device used for team collaboration, the topic of wireless connectivity between devices is increasingly being addressed by the market – with increasing transmission quality (4K), without software installation and, of course, across all systems.

The Northvision 4k Wireless Collaboration Solution scores with simple plug & play and connects up to 10 people in a meeting room and allows easy switching from one presentation to the next – without any software installation

More performance with a smaller and more flexible design

True to the motto “Faster, higher, further”, manufacturers are constantly developing their products. Video consoles are becoming more flexible and can manage and convert a wide variety of formats. Projectors of almost the same size offer more and more power and offer more and more flexible locations due to more and more optics. LED walls are becoming increasingly high-resolution and flexible support elements can also be installed on curved structures. OLED screens are becoming more robust and therefore a real competitor for LED walls and projection screens. And transparent OLED screens continue to delight audiences and guarantee a real WOW effect.

LED modules Freeform from Ledeca, enable free and flexible “3D modeling” of an LED wall