KFP successfully brings DIOR into the year 2019

DIOR – an exclusive brand that embodies such a claim and clear goals as hardly any other. We are therefore all the more delighted that our West Region KFP team, led by Selen Sagman and Deniz Hancer, was able to turn the three-day kick-off event of the French luxury brand at the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm into an unforgettable experience.

This is already the second time that Dior mandated KFP Five Star Conference Service to hold its annual kick-off meeting. The truly extraordinary ideas for the implementation of the Annual Kick-off Meeting 2019 were developed during a joint site visit with the customer on site in Heiligendamm, which at the time became known as the backdrop for the G8 Summit in 2007.

In addition to the plenum event, there was a gala evening under the motto “JOYFUL GLAM”, for which the entire spa area including the pool landscape of the Grand Hotel was effectively converted – including a catwalk stage in the pool. The second evening event “JOY by Dior Winter Wonderland” also impressed with an ice rink, fireplaces, culinary market stalls, a branded event pavilion and a suitable entertainment program. As well as the creative breakout rooms for training sessions and the individual brand areas fragrance, make-up and skin care.

This creative concept did not fail to have an effect on the 180 participants from sales, marketing and purchasing. “We want to create moments that money can’t buy, because that’s what such an event is all about. KFP’s creativity and passion made our event a great success,” said Catharina Christe, Marketing Director at LVHM Parfums & Kosmetik Deutschland GmbH, enthusiastically and full of praise for the performance of our local team. “It is truly unique that the ideas were implemented even better than we had imagined during the conception phase. We are already looking forward to the next joint events”.