Five steps to a successfull event

Events have long ago ceased to be mere get-togethers. The technology is developing rapidly and the participants of events have noticed this for a long time: the expectations placed on organizers are increasing all the time.

So how do you create a Live Experience that doesn’t just bombard the participants with messages, but integrates them directly into the event? New, unusual technologies are always waiting to make your event even more successful – whether it’s a product launch or the final dinner of an event. We asked our colleagues from Customer Experience Management which five tips will make an event a hit.


  1. Think outside the box

Or better said: Think outside your industry! Usually a simple idea is enough to initiate something big – but even the simplest ideas must first come to mind. The best way to come up with new ideas? Take a look at other industries and their trends. You can be inspired practically everywhere. How do other industries take up the topic of gamification, for example? What opportunities do future technologies like X-Reality offer?


  1. Create an Instagram-moment

When it comes to sharing our experiences online, we aren’t satisfied with text alone. The effect fireworks at event don’t have to go up in smoke in the analogue world anymore. Because big brands haven’t just discovered the social media for themselves yesterday – why should you only experience the big highlight of an event once when you can share it with the whole world? Suddenly the audience expands from a few hundred participants to several thousand followers. Nothing beats reach. But first you have to create a reason for the participants to share the event. You have to create exciting eye-catchers! Highlights that amaze participants not only on site, but also through the lens of a camera. That way, you ensure that your participants can’t help but share your event with others.


  1. Don’t forget the sound

We’re talking about the unsung hero of an event that is all too often overlooked – because you can’t even see him! We’re talking about sound. Every event planner knows how important the right sound is. Of course, every participant should be able to hear what is said on stages and podiums. But it doesn’t stop there. The right sound can fill your event with life and emotion to involve the participant even more intensively. From small breakout sessions at the edge of a conference or the 360-degree audio system – everything depends on the right choice of technology. No matter how thrilling an event is, without the right sound it will not take off. That’s why the sound is not a point for the end of your to-do list.


  1. Content is king

And no event should do without its king. We are talking here about clear messages that captivate your participants. Nevertheless, there are two sides to it: content and technical framework must go hand in hand to reach the audience. The best combination of light and sound remains ineffective if it is not filled with the right content, while the best messages in the wrong implementation simply do not arrive your guests emotionally.


  1. Contact us early

Technology is constantly evolving – but as our customers you should not have to keep an eye on every development. After all, that’s our job! We are active in all industries and in all facets of the venue and hotel business. In addition, we are permanently on the road as scouts for our customers at leading trade fairs and work with the Fraunhofer Institute in the Future Meeting Space on the most innovative solutions. This enables us to inspire our customers innovatively, creatively, in terms of content and fully digitally and to realize the individually correct solution.