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Guests Demand More Added Value!

The world is becoming increasingly faster and more complex. This also applies to the wishes and needs of the event guests in your hotel, whose demands are constantly growing – and that in times of increasing budget sensitivity. So how is it nevertheless possible to meet the needs of event customers and still create sustainable and measurable added value?

With our innovative services, KFP Five Star Conference Service supports you in the planning and execution of customer events right from the start: From the very first second, we focus on the sales process. We help you to harmonize budgets and creativity in a way that is feasible and thus to meet the individual requirements of your customers.

Tailor-made solutions

As a long-standing media technology partner of the hotel and industry sector, we are most familiar with the needs of both sides. Our goal is to accompany the entire customer journey.

In doing so, we make use of the latest technologies in order to implement the wishes of your customers as precisely as possible. With the help of 2D CAD sketches for seating scenarios, realistic 3D room renderings and virtual 360° room inspections, we bring the planned event setup to life way in advance – both for major events and for agile everyday meetings.

The customer event is professionally implemented with all the necessary trades – and we leave nothing to chance: With our comprehensive know-how concerning safety issues, we are happy to assist you with safety concepts in accordance with the Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Places of Public Assembly [VStättVO], operator liability and other legal and industry standards.

Added value for your hotel

In addition, we contribute our expertise and embedded staff solutions to relieve the burden on the hotel’s own resources. Our onsite staff seamlessly and effectively integrates into the day-to-day operations of your hotel, so that your event guests will notice virtually no difference between the staff of KFP Five Star Conference Service and your hotel.

The example from the InterContinental Berlin shows what a successful and trustful cooperation between your hotel and KFP can look like (the video is in German):

Customer satisfaction always comes first for us: We know very well that user-friendliness is what counts. Because not everything that is technically possible has a positive effect on the Live Experience. Thus for us it’s the relevance for the addressee that precedes the mere “technical infatuation”. What counts is a sustainable Guest Experience – on stage and backstage.

Content matters

Appropriate content with a “wow” effect plays an important role: At conferences and live events, guests look for new experiences and content, emotional experiences as well as innovative and interactive highlights. We utilize the digitization of the MICE business to bring inspiring, relevant content to the right place – to the addressees and their devices.

With respective event apps, real-time dialogue solutions and social media walls, we actively integrate guests into the action. VR systems allow us to implement individual customer requirements with a strong emotional impact and close to reality – and thanks to mixed reality technologies, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, we can place interactive 3D projections in lifelike environments even without the need of a smartphone.

Events of the future

Mixed and augmented reality solutions deliver impressive new ways to take your customers’ events to the next level:


Mixed-reality-table with HoloLens: With this HoloLens demonstration, virtual content can be displayed in real time on screen without actually being on stage. This innovative technology turns presentations into an impressive augmented-reality-experience.


Augmented Reality on an LED-projection: Using augmented reality, experience different scenarios as part of a live presentation in front of an impressive LED-projection that transports the speaker in a variety of different environments and locations.

The cubes start to light up while the speaker walks past them during his presentation. Augmented reality content is displayed on the LED wall behind him.

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This website uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit. By using this website you consent to our use of these cookies. Find out more about how we use cookies and how to manage them by reading our privacy notice.