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Managing Innovative & Creative Events

Anything our customers can imagine, we can make real – is our credo as an experienced partner in the industry. KFP offers holistic services that not only include the appropriate conference and event technology components, but also take into account all organizational aspects of an event.

From the very first step, we accompany our customers closely in the planning processes for events. With our MICE Event App we enable a highly individualized form of event management.

Our wealth of experience is the result of more than 5,000 events per year with a wide range of partners from various industries.

And we are familiar with a wide range of formats: from small exclusive boardroom meetings – even under highest security requirements – to large-scale congresses, conventions and annual general meetings; and from product launches to global web streaming solutions.

Last but not least: Being part of the PSAV network, we provide services with a global coverage, an aspect that is unique worldwide – especially with regard to roadshows.

We develop and create innovative, tailor-made solutions and together with our customers, we realize unique and extraordinary events. That’s exactly how we fulfill our promise: Managing Innovative & Creative Events.

Our holistic consulting approach for your success

The range of formats and styles an event can take on is tremendous. The same applies to the multitude of new technical innovations. That is why we always screen the market regarding the latest trends for our customers. For your events, we want to make the highlight of tomorrow possible today. Therefore, it is important to include a technical service provider in the planning process as early as possible.

However, our consultancy for your event does not start with choosing the right hardware. Already at the location check our comprehensive expertise is at your disposal. Of course, we also support you in all organizational aspects – from the creation of technical tenders to the quality assurance of all other trades that contribute to the success of your event.

Even if it’s just planning, not implementation, you can rely on us: our experienced employees ensure on-site the correct implementation of the jointly developed solutions. To guarantee that your employees can continue to use the opportunities provided by the KFP in the future, we offer intensive training, both on a technical and conceptual level.

From the first to the last minute, from the conceptual graphics of our CAD team to the show calling, your satisfaction as a customer comes first.

WoW-rooms to create a new level of customer experience

Events which stay in mind need the right backdrop. With us, you can present your message perfectly and increase the added value of your event. Because with creativity and an innovative staging that allows an infinite number of variations, unique and atmospheric room designs are created that will inspire your participants. From boardroom meetings to impressive large-scale events, we offer you coherent design solutions. Our experts always work together with you to realize your visions perfectly.


Actively Shaping The Future

KFP Five Star Conference Service is research partner of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in the so-called innovation network “Future Meeting Space”. Social developments and state-of-the-art technologies are examined here, while technical, organizational and spatial requirements are developed and an innovation catalogue with relevant future event scenarios is compiled.
This research eventually results in event innovations. For example, hybrid events, which enable participation without physical attendance due to virtual rooms. Or time-efficient co-working congresses. Or interactive forums, matchmaking of participants and gamification of events.

Simultaneously, additional requirements such as the increased safety and security needs and the demand for more environmentally friendly resource integration are considered.
As a result of this research partnership, we have the ability to enhance our practical experience – gained over several decades – with the scientifically substantiated research results. This essentially provides us with the necessary capabilities to create events, which are received as highly emotional and trend-setting for the MICE market.

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This website uses cookies to help us give you the best experience when you visit. By using this website you consent to our use of these cookies. Find out more about how we use cookies and how to manage them by reading our privacy notice.